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Why You Need An Outstanding Logo Design

Although we hardly ever realize it, we are innately drawn to a certain kinds of design. This is the kind of design that is all around us; a mathematical ratio found in nature called Phi. This is the 'Golden Ratio'. Scientists have found that we process images that incorporate this ratio much faster than we do any other. They have also found that we tend to be attracted to any design that has the Golden Ratio within it. Most of us don't even know we are doing it, we just know that it calls to us. From logo design, to graphic design and branding, everything is much more attractive when it incorporates the Golden Ratio.

For a business owner who is in competition with thousands of other businesses within the same field, this knowledge can prove to be priceless. Many business owners have wondered why some business logos are more attractive than others; why some brands remain wedged in people's minds while others fade off almost as quickly as they came up.

Understanding the Golden Ratio and it's uses in attracting human attention can help clarify this matter once and for all. But if you are not into all that, you do not have to go back to school to study it. You just need to know why your business logo and the kind of graphic design employed matters a lot to your brand. As unbelievable as it might sound, your logo design can make or break your brand. And here is why:

Your logo design helps your customers to visualize your brand

Humans are a highly visual species. We like to associate shapes, colors and designs with our emotions. There are some designs that evoke joy, others anger, excitement, sadness and so forth. Your logo design should evoke confidence and trust. That is how you get your clients to pay attention to what you are trying to tell them and that is how you foster loyalty.

The kind of graphic designs you employ in your brand shows people how competent you are. As much as we may read all your proposals, mission statements and marketing emails, it is the kind of design associated with your brand that really sells it. People need to know that you take aesthetics seriously. It shows them that you care about appearances; and if you care about appearances then you care about your reputation, which tells them that you will do your best to satisfy their needs.

It's an intricate web of emotions and assumptions but it all comes down to perception. We more often than not believe what we see. And if we like what we see, then we are more receptive towards it. That is one of the main reasons why you need an outstanding logo design.

The graphics associated with your brand should be top notch and as such, should be designed by a professional outfit like Driven Web Services. Just as seriously as you take the running of your business, so should you take the designing of your logo. Give them a call today and start off on the right foot. Our professional designers know all about aesthetics and memorable logo designs.


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