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Can A Mobile App Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating?

What is the solution to infidelity, high divorce rates, and trust issues couples face in today's technology filled society? A group of scientists think they have the answer and its name is Commit-Tech. These scientists are disturbed by the increasing divorce rate caused by so many people being cheated on. With the assistance of popular dating websites and social media it's no wonder that people are finding it harder to stay faithful to one person. In America 49% of marriages end in divorce and this number is increasing every year.

Commit-Tech is a genital implant which alerts your phone once it detects your partner cheating. This small chip will be fully implanted in both mens and womans genitals. The chips will be connected together with a mobile app. Basically, when one chip detects sexual activity without the other chip an alert will be sent to the other partner's phone. The alert is used to notify you when your partner is cheating (or spending some quality alone time).

Stephen Triton is one of the main developers working on Commit-Tech. He believes that this new software will put a stop to all infidelity that causes divorces in marriage. He says cheating will be a thing of the past. If your partner has problems installing this chip, it probably means [he or she] isnt committed to you and you won't have to watch them squirm when they turn their phone over to an iphone screen repair montreal that has seen it all and is obligated to say nothing. This is extremely an extremely optimistic opinion, so I would like to counter Stephen's optimism with a healthy dose of criticism. First off, although this may not be painful to install there is a psychological factor involved. How many men or women do you know who would willingly insert a foreign object into their most sensitive body parts? For the record Steven doesnt stay whether or not there will be pain associated with installation, however, I am hoping that a pain free experience is The first criteria on the list for Commit-Tech. I also have a problem these one on one partners choosing not to participate. Choosing to not insert a chip in your body should not be considered a sign of being unfaithful in a relationship. It seems like this type of attitude regarding this new technology will bring additional pressure and anxiety into relationships.

All software needs constant updates and tends to improve drastically in short periods of time. I'm sure Commit-Tech is no exception and to be fair this is the first launch they've had. Although I never plan on using Commit-Tech, I am interested to see if it does decrease divorce rates by decreasing chances of partners cheating on each other. It's unclear whether a professional needs to install the chip or if you can install at home (a scary thought). One thing is for sure, cell phone repair guys will have their work cut out for them from all of the pissed off men and women throwing their phones in response to their significant other cheating on them. This, of course, is a better scenario than breaking the chip (ouch!).

What Can I Get In A Tough Phone?

Tough Phones make sense on a financial and practical level, but what can you expect from one of these phones? Do they really go above and beyond to combat the challenges of a tougher life?

Fundamentally, tough phones attempt to deal with the following concerns:

  • Water Ingress
  • Dust Ingress
  • Shock Absorption
  • Climate Extremes
They attempt to do this without compromising any of the phones up-to-date technology. Essentially, their goal is to still function entirely as you would expect a high-quality smartphone to, without the risks involved with a normal more fragile handset. Lets look at these concerns in more detail.

Anyone who works outside, or pursues outdoor hobbies, is going to be fighting a battle against moisture and water ingress. Phones are electronic items, they dont mix well with water. They have numerous points of vulnerability in terms of sockets and entry points where only a little water can cause a huge amount of damage. Tough Phones work to solve this problem. The amount of water resistance however can vary from phone to phone. If a phone is labelled water resistant you are realistically looking at splash-proof. A short, small amount of water that is quickly removed is unlikely to pose a problem. Scenarios such as snow or rain are suitable conditions to have this type of phone. If you need greater protection from moisture then you need to look at a waterproof phone. This means the phone can be submerged with damage to its internal components. How long for, and to what depth is an issue to look in to more closely if this feature is particularly important to you.

Dust Ingress is another real concern for mobile phones that Tough Phones combat. Generally, the sleeker the phone, the more prone to problems from dust. Therefore, dust protection is an important consideration for those working in industries such as farming or construction, where dust is an everyday occurrence in the workplace. The casings of rugged phones are designed to prevent dust from insidiously getting in to the internal workings of the phone and causing a reduced or compromised life-span.

Shock absorption is an essential requirement for many seeking to purchase a Tough Phone. The risk of damage to a phone from a fall from height is high most phones are simply not designed to withstand a fall from hand level, let alone any higher. Tough phones are encased in a shock-absorbing thick outer casing, with rubberised corners for maximum protection. Many additionally have shatterproof screens. These are the phones that tend to bounce and live to tell the tale. They can be safely on the tool belt, knowing that if a fall or impact did happen, they will most likely survive.

Finally, extremes of temperature can be another consideration for those investigating Tough Phones. Although this consideration is less important for many, it is a real concern for those working in the harshest working environments or who are required to travel for work to hot or cold climates. Extremes in temperature can severely affect the life of not only the phone itself, but crucially the life of the battery. If the battery is unable to withstand the pressure or heat constraints it is placed under then the phone itself effectively becomes worthless. There are Tough Phones available that specifically work to counter-balance the negative effects of external climate that pose a challenge for the average phone.

Tough Phones are the phones of the future. They address the very real concerns of water, dust, shock-absorption and temperature that most other smartphones dont. They provide a solution to many peoples technology needs: bringing technology comfortably into even the harshest working environments.